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PTFE Wear Strips / Bands

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PTFE Wear Strips / Bands

PTFE Wear Strips / Bands

PTFE makes excellent heat sealing bands and wire strips which are useful in a number of applications. Hindustan Nylons has been making these products for a long time. It has been meeting the industry demand for these products in various niches.

Heat Sealing Bands

Heat sealing bands/strips made from PTFE have excellent insulating properties. They also have superior self -lubricating characteristics that guarantee low friction coefficient compared to metal wear strips. However, the use of PTFE wear bands is also due to their high wear resistance. This makes sure that the bands do not break in tough operating conditions. The bands made by Hindustan Nylons are also compatible with almost all types of fluid media, flexible, and easy to assemble.

Hindustan Nylons offers custom cut bands as well as standard rolls depending on your need. You can also get virgin and filled PTFE strips with strict tolerance on thicknesses as well as width. The company offers complete product quality certifications.

The company, Hindustan Nylons, boasts of modern manufacturing facilities for standard & customized PTFE bands and wear strips. The array of equipment consists of Electric Ovens, Hydraulic Presses, CNC Lathes, Ram Extrusion Machines, Skiving Machines, Milling Machines and more. This covers the entire range of possible wear strips/bands under one roof. Presently, the manufacturing capacity of the company is around 20000 Kgs a month, and the company is utilizing around 75% of its capacity. It is also expanding at a rate of 10% per year.

Hindustan Nylons also offers technical services and engineering assistance in designing and developing PTFE products starting from concept to finished products. This includes manufacturing wear strips and heat sealing bands. The engineers and technical personnel of Hindustan Nylons study likely applications of products and their service conditions before arriving at a decision. The engineers can also guide in selecting material & designing products so as to optimize unique properties of various PTFE products including heat sealing band and wear strips by reverse engineering in their in-house lab.

The technical personnel at Hindustan Nylons adhere to quality management right from input to output and through the process for making PTFE wear strips/bands. This ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company boasts of unique quality management system for manufacturing PTFE sealing bands and wear strips which can control & assure the quality of products at every stage. It is on the way to implementing modern engineering concepts like 5S, TQM etc for continuous improvement. In essence, the company strives to achieve continuous improvement in products and services through latest engineering and technological solutions.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures PTFE Wear Strips / Bands. PTFE Wear Strips / Bands are manufactured in Virgin PTFE, Chemically Modified PTFE, Carbon Filled PTFE, Bronze Filled PTFE & other filled grades of PTFE.

Standard Sizes 5.8, 9.5, 14.8, 19.8 & 24.8 mm Widths, 2.5 mm Thk in 25 Metres Length
  PTFE Wear Strips / Bands can be manufactured as per Customer specific sizes subject to minimum order quantity
Non-standard Sizes upto 50 mm Width, upto 5 mm Thk & 25 Metres Length
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