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PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads

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PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads

PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads

Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, commercially known as Teflon has numerous applications due to its unique properties. The density of the compound is very high, does not contain any water or water content element, and has a high melting point. Carbon and Fluorines strong bond furnished the material non-reactive and inert to almost all chemicals.

Hindustan Nylons is one of the best quality PTFE manufacturers and a foremost exporter of the component. PTFE for Bridge Bearing Pad is one of their prime products. Due to its high-density property, one can make use of Bridge Bearing Pad. The purpose of the component is to provide resting space in the surface between the bridge deck and bridge piers.

Technical Description

The PTFE material is very efficient that it can maintain its efficiency at very low-temperature that starts from 5k to high temperature, 600K. One of the parameters in bearing is heat. Because steel has high heat conductivity, due to friction the heat increases on the surface of the steel plate. Increasing heat can deform the bearing or cause damage at any instant of time. Hindustan Nylons PTFE for Bridge bearing pad provides excellent elasticity.

Due to its self-lubricating properties, Teflon Bridge bearing Pad is able to sustain for a longer period of time. Hindustan Nylon manufactures a wide range of PTFE Pad. The Virgin PTFE has excellent chemical resistance, electrical properties, and flexural properties.

Chemically Modified PTFE has made the product unique by including improved resistance, smoother surface, less porous, high voltage insulation, etc. The pump, valve and coating industries utilize this type of component. But Bridge Bearing Pads demands another property to be present in the component.

Hindustan Nylons also manufactures glass filled PTFE, Glass + MoS2 Filled PTFE, Graphite Filled PTFE, Carbon/coke Filled PTFE, (oxidized / Non-oxidized), Bronze plus, and Molybdenum Disulphide Filled PTFE. Despite producing the special standard component, they also manufacture other non-standard grade of PTFE.

PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads technical specification

To make high quality bearing pad Hindustan Nylons made glass Filled PTFE. 15 to 25% glass substance is there in the component. Hence, Hindustan Nylons' Glass Filled PTFE is rich in compressive strength with excellent resistance and has improved wear resistance tested in load & permanent deformation. They use their special PTFE material in making bridge bearing pads. They also use them in making ship launching pads, pipe supporting pad and ball valve component.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads as per Indian Standard: Code IRC-83 with one side dimpled for lubricant holding & other side - Sodium Itched - for Gluing.

Size upto 1000mm Square or Circular
Thickness 3mm ~ 6mm
  PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads can be manufactured as per Customer specific sizes subject to minimum order quantity
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