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PTFE Molded Sheets

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PTFE Molded Sheets

PTFE Molded Sheets

Hindustan Nylons is into manufacturing PTFE Molded Sheets. It is also exporting premium quality PTFE Molded sheets to different countries. The company manufactures these quality materials by compression molding process. At Hindustan Nylons you can get PTFE Molded Sheets in a variety of standard dimensions including thickness. You can get sheets of the dimensions of 1200mm X 1200mm up to a thickness of 100mm. You can also get these sheets ex-Stock.

Hindustan Nylons also manufactures PTFE Molded sheets in non-standard dimensions which means customized breadth, width and Thickness. However, for this the customer needs to place a bulk order.

Hindustan Nylons also makes PTFE Molded sheets in Standard Filled PTFE Compositions which may include -
➤ Virgin Modified PTFE
➤ 15/25% filled with glass
➤ 25/35% Filled with carbon
➤ 15% Filled with Graphite
➤ 40/60% filled with Bronze
➤ 55% filled with Bronze and 5% filled with MoS2 
➤ 15% filled with Glass and 5% filled with MoS2 

In fact, the company can offer you a variety of customized filled PTFE Molded sheets according to your specific compositions. However, it is not just the versatile dimension of molded sheets that make Hindustan Nylons a unique contributor in the field of making PTFE products in commercial scale. Synthesizing PTFE Molded sheets is not easy; it needs to be done very carefully under controlled conditions. Producing sheets of different dimensions is also not easy. Hindustan Nylons with its vast expertise and experience in manufacturing various PTFE products has fine-tuned the processes involved.

Hindustan Nylons boasts of one of the best qualities in the market. It not just manufactures, but also exports these Molded sheets from its Miraj factory. The company also offers engineering assistance to design PTFE products to different companies so that they can optimize the unique properties of different PTFE Molded sheets required for their jobs.

The company has an unwavering stand about Quality Management System. The quality aspect of Molded PTFE sheets manufactured by Hindustan Nylons starting from input of PTFE Resin to output of PTFE Product is ISO 9001-2008 compliant. The company also undertakes responsibility for continuous development in product & services through innovative and latest technological achievements. This is what has enabled it to achieve customers satisfaction.

Applications of PTFE sheets made by Hindustan Nylons

PTFE Molded sheets manufactured by Hindustan Nylons is used in a wide range of industries for use in side surfaces, gaskets, liners, diaphragms. If the customer desires, Hindustan Nylons can also do sodium ammonia or sodium naphthalene etching.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures Molded PTFE Sheet in variety of standard sizes.

Dimension Up to 1200mm X 1200mm
Thickness Up to 100mm
PTFE Sheet Molded - are manufactured in Virgin & Filled Grades of PTFE
End Use Gasketing, Sealing & support Pads in Chemical, Pharmaceutical plants
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