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PTFE Paste Extruded Tubings

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PTFE Paste Extruded Tubings

PTFE Paste Extruded Tubings

Hindustan Nylons is a manufacturer of various PTFE products. It supplies these products to various industries such as electrical, chemical, mechanical etc. It also makes PTFE Paste Extruded Tubings for use in various products. However, PTFE extrusion is not an easy job.

It has a high melt viscosity, which means that you cannot melt extrude PTFE Tubings like it can be done in case of other polymers. This calls for specially prepared PTFE Fine Powders which can make thin walled Tubings and other fine products through a cold extrusion process known as Paste extrusion. Hindustan Nylons is acclaimed in producing paste extruded Tubings.

In this process a volatile lubricant is added to PTFE Fine Powders to make a paste. This paste has to be compressed and excess air has to be removed before compressing the paste into a cylindrical form. The paste is placed in a ram extruder and PTFE paste extruded Tubings are obtained. Extrusion is typically performed at a temperature range of 35 - 500C. During the formation of paste extruded Tubings, many particles change into fibrils, which consolidate the product. The extruded parts are subsequently dried and sintered at 360 to 4000C so that the lubricant can be removed and the product does not retain any water.

This necessitates a number of processing equipment. Hindustan Nylons boasts of a number of processing equipment in order to make various grades of PTFE grade extruded Tubings. Also, you require different grades of PTFE Fine Powders for making Tubings of various grades.

PTFE paste extruded Tubings manufactured by Hindustan Nylons have a number of unique chemical, physical, and mechanical properties which can make various products to meet demanding applications.

However, making these products is not easy. It is susceptible to shear, especially above the transition point of 190C. Handling of the containers is risky since it can subject the powder to shear and spoil it. To ensure that this does not happen and the paste does not fibrillate, the paste needs to be cooled below the transition point before handling and transportation. Typically, it needs to be cooled for at least 24 hours and at most 48 hours.

This point to the fact that making PTFE paste extruded pipes necessitates a lot of processing and equipments and therefore is a large investment. Hindustan Nylons has invested in all these processes and equipment so that they can cater to the demand for PTFE paste extruded Tubings for various industries and companies.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures Paste Extruded PTFE Tubings - in variety of standard sizes.

Wall Thickness 0.8, 1, 1.5, From 1.6 mm ID, up to 25 mm ID
End Use For transporting aggressive chemicals, Petroleum products, Adhesives, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Instruments.
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