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PTFE Valve Component

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PTFE Valve Component

PTFE Valve Component

PTFE valves are pretty useful in different industrial scenarios such as in Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Atomic Power Station, Thermal Power Stations etc. Hindustan Nylons can make PTFE valve components for different industries including Petroleum, Aviation & Aeronautical engineering, Petrochemicals, Paper & Pulp, manufacturing adhesives, Railways, Electrical, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Pump Manufacturing Companies etc. In fact, you can find these valve components in as far as space stations.

Needless to say that making PTFE valve components is a delicate job keeping in view the widespread use of these valves in wide array of industries requiring precision engineering such as in space stations. Hindustan Nylons has been designing various PTFE valve components with utmost precision and quality control. This is why it is now exporting these components to various countries in Middle East, parts of Europe and other places.

Hindustan Nylons can manufacture Ball Valve Seats and Seals, Butterfly Valve Liners and Seats, Plug Valve Sleeves made of Modified PTFE, Virgin PTFE, and other materials with various filled as well as unfilled Grades of PTFE. The products or valve components made by Hindustan Nylons include products having various diameters.

The company can manufacture PTFE valve components of diameter and length measuring upto 1m in both dimensions. Hindustan Nylons can also manufacture PTFE Valve Components as per the needs of the customer which may entail specific sizes. However, for that to happen the company has to order a minimum quantity of products so that the order can be executed profitably.

The demand of PTFE in making various valve components is because of some very unique characteristics of the material. The material is chemically inert, which means that you can transport any material through the pipe or tubing system containing these valve components irrespective of the reactivity of the material. Hindustan Nylons makes excellent valve components for various industries keeping in view their varied requirements.

PTFE is also highly resistant to weather which makes sure that there is no degradation of the valve capacity even if the pipes or tubing system is subjected to very harsh weather conditions. Hindustan Nylons can make a variety of valve components for use in pipes and tubing systems in companies which deploy such systems in unique geographical locations that experience very harsh weather round the year or just sometimes.

PTFE also exhibits excellent electrical insulation, heat resistance, low coefficient of friction, and non-adhesive properties. This is pretty useful in making various parts of valves for use in a number of industries such as pharmaceutical, Chemical, electrical, thermal power plants, aviation etc, and Hindustan Nylons is adept in making these components for all these industries.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures PTFE Valve Components such as:- Ball Valve Seals & Seats, Butterfly Valve Seats & Liners, Plug Valve Sleeves in variety of Grades such as:- Virgin PTFE, Modified PTFE, Filled Grades of PTFE.

Diameter upto 1000mm
Length upto 1000mm
  PTFE Valve Components can be manufactured as per Customer specific sizes subject to minimum order quantity
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