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PTFE Molded Rods

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PTFE Molded Rods

PTFE Molded Rods

When it comes to the use of PTFE for various industrial applications, Hindustan Nylons is at the forefront. Whether you need PTFE Rods, PTFE Molded Sheets, PTFE Bushes, PTFE Pipes, PTFE Skived Sheets, PTFE Tubings & Machined components, Virgin PTFE, Carbon Filled PTFE, Glass Filled PTFE, Bronze Filled PTFE, Graphite Filled PTFE, Chemically Modified PTFE or PEEK Filled PTFE, you can trust our company for product quality and order quantity.

PTFE is a high performance polymer that can make various products owing to its versatile properties. Some of the most astounding properties of PTFE that make it amendable to versatile industrial use include exceptional resistance to weather, Chemical inertness, resistance to heat, excellent electrical insulation and more.

However, getting pure PTFE and making various PTFE products for various industrial jobs necessitates that the company has a good infrastructure that can cover all the equipment for machining and using PTFE. Hindustan Nylons boasts of excellent infrastructure for making all types of PTFE products.

Various companies cutting across industries place their PTFE product requirements with Hindustan Nylons. This includes pharmaceutical, electrical, chemical, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, machine tools manufacturing, Railways etc. In reality, PTFE finds applicationĀ  in almost every industry and this company can cater to all of them.

PTFE Molded Rods

PTFE molded rods are normally used as machining stock for components required in electrical, chemical as well as mechanical industries. Properties of PTFE are in high demand in these industries. One can get different fillers for PTFE rods so as to modify the properties of PTFE in order to meet the requirements of critical applications.

PTFE rods made by Hindustan Nylons

PTFE rods can be used to make various types of seals, back up rings, washers, and other components. PTFE molded rods made by Hindustan Nylons is bought by various companies across the industrial landscape, especially electrical, chemical and mechanical industries. The company maintains a huge stock of molded PTFE rods at all times so that they can supply the same to various companies in different industries in various sizes. They can also customize the machined components as per your requirement.

Hindustan Nylons makes valve seat components, O-rings, Gaskets, Bearings, Washers and Nozzles that are very useful in various industries. The quality of these materials plays a significant role in the ultimate product. The company has a robust quality testing and certification policy which various business houses have been relying on for a long time.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures Molded PTFE Rods in variety of standard sizes.

Diameter 25mm - 500mm
Length 300mm.
PTFE Rods Molded are manufactured in Virgin & Filled Grades of PTFE
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