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PTFE Bellows / Expansion Joints

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PTFE Bellows / Expansion Joints

PTFE Bellows / Expansion Joints

PTFE products find wide use in industries. In fact, there is probably no industry which does not use PTFE products for some or the other purpose. It is required in machine tools making, electrical equipment making, mechanical equipment, railways and more. Hindustan Nylons can manufacture all the different types of PTFE products such as PTFE bellows or expansion joints for use in various industries.

The use of PTFE Expansion Joints

The most common use of PTFE expansion joints is in laying pipelines mostly in the chemical manufacturing industry. Its use is mainly as an anticorrosive product since corrosion is a major problem in chemical transportation. Hindustan Nylons can make different types of PTFE expansion joints for use in the chemical industry as well as in industries where transportation of chemicals is necessary.

Hindustan Nylons can make specially designed bellows/expansion joints for protecting pipes which come in regular contact with corrosive substances. Expansion joints are very useful items in industrial landscape. Expansion joints serve the purpose of preventing expansion of pipes or tubes from vibration or thermal energy.

The expansion joints/bellows made by Hindustan Nylons are specially designed so that they can protect your equipment against stressors like mechanical, chemical or thermal stressors. These are durable and require low maintenance while delivering maximum industrial standard efficiency. The company boasts of an extensive inventory of PTFE bellows and expansion joints.

Hindustan Nylons can make various types of PTFE bellow. It can manufacture bellows with 3 and 5 convolutions, bellows which have been serviced for high-pressure service, bellows which can last in full vacuum and upto a temperature of 180°C etc. It can also make PTFE lined stainless steel compensators which are needed in very high pressure service.

You can get PTFE bellows and expansion joins in various sizes. Moreover, we can equip the compensators with carbon steel flanges or any other connection standards. So, the company, Hindustan Nylons can offer high flexion expansion joints and bellows in standard sizes. It also keeps a ready stock of these materials. Moreover, it meticulously protects the equipment and infrastructure required for production of different types of bellows/expansion joints.

The company, Hindustan Nylons, has a modern manufacturing facility for making standard as well as machined PTFE bellows and expansion joints. The array equipment include Electric Ovens, Hydraulic Presses, CNC Lathes, Ram Extrusion Machines, Skiving Machines, Milling Machines, and more so that   they can cover the entire range of PTFE products under one roof.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures PTFE Bellows / Expansion Joints from full vacuum up to high pressure (10 kg/cm²) application with accessories such as internal sleeve, external ring, connection Rods, Connection Flanges etc.

Diameter 25mm ID ~ 600mm ID
Length upto 300mm
  PTFE Bellows / Expansion Joints can be manufactured as per Customer specific sizes subject to minimum order quantity
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