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PTFE Gaskets

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PTFE Gaskets

PTFE Gaskets

PTFE is a high performance polymer with versatile properties that make it a very useful material in various industrial applications. Hindustan Nylons is engaged in manufacturing PTFE in various forms such as PTFE gaskets. These gaskets manufactured by Hindustan Nylons find wide use in a number of industries. This is due to their chemical inertness, high resistance to weather, excellent electrical insulation, and resistance to very high heat. These materials are also non-adhesive and have very low friction coefficient.

Uses of PTFE Gaskets Made By Hindustan Nylons

It finds wide use in industries pharmaceutical, chemical, thermal, electrical, nuclear, machine tools and other industries. Indeed, these are useful in almost all kinds of industries. PTFE gaskets manufactured by Hindustan Nylons are useful in making compressors since these gaskets make excellent sealing gaskets due to their high water and heat resistance.

PTFE gaskets are also used as sealing gaskets in making electrical motors in components which are exposed to high heat and high wear. It is also used in electronic instruments for making secure seals that enhance product life. Petrochemical also makes use of PTFE Gaskets made by Hindustan Nylons for process equipment that need to be corrosive resistant, temperature resistant, as well as resistant to surface wear. They are also used as Universal Rope, O/D/V/U Rings, Crescent Rings etc for Glass Pipelines.

Precision Jobs

Hindustan Nylons makes use of precision cutting with the help of die-cutting technology to make precise and complex shaped gaskets. The use of die-cutting gives rise to not just precision shapes, but also fast production. The company also makes use of Waterjet cutting which allows precise positioning and efficient production. The CNC-controlled water jet is capable of accurately cutting PTFE materials up to a thickness of 6. Tolerance also is based on size and thickness of the material.

The company also undertakes continuous up-gradation of production techniques and products for proving customers with the most state-of-the-art production process and the most perfect products for complete satisfaction of the customer. It also guarantees quality so that customers can get the best product at most affordable price. Hindustan Nylons also provides excellent post sales service. What is more, the company has a comprehensive testing policy starting from raw material testing to finished goods testing.

All these have ensured that the company can export its products to a number of countries in Middle East, Australia, South Africa and part of Europe.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures PTFE Gaskets as per variety of standards such as ASA, DIN, BS etc for raised face & full face flanged joints.

PTFE Gaskets are produced in various types such as Slit type Envelop Gaskets, Milled type Envelop Gaskets & Ready Cut / Solid Gaskets.

Diameter Upto 1000 NB
Thickness 0.5+0.5, 0.5 + Gap + 0.5, 1.5, 2, 3mm
  PTFE Gaskets can be manufactured as per Customer specific sizes subject to minimum order quantity
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