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PTFE Ram Extruded Pipe

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PTFE Ram Extruded Pipe

PTFE Ram Extruded Pipe

PTFE ram extruded pipes are in high demand in various engineering works such as fluid handling, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. These tubes are in high demand in aircraft making, automobile engines, as insulator for a range of electrical equipment, food processing industry, medical industry and more. Hindustan Nylons has been catering to the demand of PTFE Ram Extruded Pipes for these industries.

Varying designs and capacity:

Hindustan Nylons can make pipes of various diameters up to 100mm and length of up to 3300mm. If you have an immediate requirement, you can also get off the shelf products if they match your criteria. If you have a customised requirement, you need not go far; Hindustan Nylons can do it to your satisfaction. They can manufacture PTFE Ram Extruded pipe in non-standard diameter & length, if you need them in bulk quantity.

Strict quality control right from testing of raw material to pre-dispatch testing of final products is the strength of Hindustan Nylons. Such comprehensive testing is done to make sure that there is no defect in quality. The company is engaged in the whole hog of design, development and laboratory testing of PTFE ram extruded pipes. It can take up projects from concept to manufacturing. It also advises on material selection, product design etc so as to optimize the properties of products and confirm to national as well as international standards like IS, ASTM etc.

The company boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which contain Hydraulic Presses, Ram Extruders, Ovens, Lathes, Skiving Machine, Turrets, Calendaring Machine, Milling Machines which can cover most of the PTFE products that customers need. The company has incorporated latest technology and tools like Automatic temperature controlled ovens, NC controls, Air conditioned and dust free environment, Rotary bed sintering, completely automatic Extrusion etc.

Hindustan Nylons has a strict quality control policy right from inputs. They test Inputs as well as finished Goods such as ram extruded pipes in their in-house Laboratory. This is done to stick to various pre-conceived properties of Raw Materials such as particle shape, colour, flowability, Purity, Bulk Density, Filler Content, Compressive Ratio, Shrinkage & Pollution Index, and Water Content etc.

The engineers at Hindustan Nylons test finished goods like PTFE pipes for Tensile Strength, Density, Compressive Strength, Elongation, Hardness, Deformation Under Load, Heat Resistance, Water Absorption, Wear Rate, Continuous Service Temperature, Chemical Resistance, Dissolution, Dielectric Strength, Peel off strength/Bond strength for sodium itching, pneumatic pressure testing and spark testing.

Owing to these qualities, there is a good demand for PTFE ram extruded pipes made by Hindustan Nylons in Middle East, some countries of Europe, Australia and South Africa.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures Ram Extruded PTFE Pipes in variety of standard sizes.

Diameter Up to 100mm
Length Up to 3300mm
PTFE Pipe Ram Extruded - are available in Standard grades such as Virgin Conventional PTFE & Virgin Chemically Modified PTFE
End Use For transporting aggressive chemicals, Petroleum products, Adhesives, Pharmaceuticals, Medicines
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