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PTFE Molded Bush

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PTFE Molded Bush

PTFE Molded Bush

HINDUSTAN NYLONS, one of the leading exporters of PTFE Products, is an Indian private company, which manufactures and markets PTFE products. The company offers a wide range of PTFE molded bush to their most valued clients. The products are widely used in various industrial applications including chemicals, aeronautical, food, beverages etc.

We are the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of PTFE Bush, these bushes are manufactured from a raw material high in quality so that the customers can enjoy the best quality products. These are available at very reasonable prices in the market than other manufactures. The main concern is to satisfy the customers by providing them best quality and durable products with long life.

Texture and material of PTFE

PTFE is used as a non-stick coating for pans and other cookware. It is nonreactive, partly because of carbon-fluorine bonds, and so it is often used in containers and pipework for reactive and corrosive chemicals. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that has numerous applications.

Usage of PTFE molded bush

PTFE Bush has wide industrial use in many industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electrical, electronics, aero pneumatic, atomic energy etc.

Product details

The material used in making bush is PTFE. The specific gravity of the product is m/s2, bulk density is 450-500gm/cm3, tensile strength is 210-350 MPA, working temperature is 250 Degree Celsius, elongation is 250-400%, standard size (Diameter) 12 to 500 mm and its width is 3 to 50mm. the variety indicates that it is manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of the clients. The vast variety makes the customers happy and satisfied after utilizing the product. PTFE Bush is available in a wide range in the market with different fillings for different usage. Graphite filled PTFE bush, Carbon filled PTFE bush, Glass filled PTFE bush are in high demand in the market for its varied size, quality, shapes and colour.

The PTFE Molded Bushes are formulated with care using advanced machines in order to confirm their dimensional accuracy and smooth exteriors. These bushes are also praised for the extreme resistance they showcase against heat, solvents, acids and tear.

Hindustan Nylons Ltd. has an experience of good number of years and knows the requirement and the satisfaction level of their valued customer. They have a detailed experience of the market and the reason to boast of very good quality products. They are involved in offering a wide array of PTFE Bush to their valued patrons.

Hindustan Nylons manufactures Molded PTFE Bush in variety of standard sizes.

Outer Diameter Up to 500mm
Length Up to 1000mm
PTFE Bush Molded are manufactured in Virgin & Filled Grades of PTFE
End Use For making BV, BFV, PGV components for chemical & pharmaceutical applications
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